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How Many Upgraded To Windows 11, How Many Didn’t

It’s almost been two months since the Windows 11 launch in early October, and a new report shows Microsoft’s latest operating system has only gained traction on 8.6 per cent of “modern PCs”.

The survey – a cross-examination network for Windows Store apps and games – examined around 60,000 systems running Windows 11 or its forerunner.

To put that in perspective, three weeks after its official launch Windows 11 had been installed on more than five per cent of PCs.

The fact the new system has near doubled installs points to a positive trajectory for adoption, aided by Microsoft’s decision to expand Window’s 11’s rollout to further eligible devices.

Though it’s not yet available to all users, Microsoft expect it to be open for everyone by mid-2022.

But currently, in terms of systems running Windows 11 or 10, the M21U build for 10 is still used by 36.3 per cent and Windows 10 02OU is installed on 31.8 per cent of PCs.

While adoption rates between Windows 11 and previous versions remain similar, Microsoft have said that, moving forward, they will concentrate on improving performance with updates. Hopefully that will increase adoption rates for the company.

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