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Hitachi Delivers A Fridge That Actually Preserves Food & Helps Families Save On Spoilage

In this world there are fridges and then there are Japanese fridges that go way beyond the made in China products that are often bog standard fridges with if any technology built into them other than what they were selling 20 years ago.

One Japanese brand Hitachi whose products are sold at Bing Lee and Harvey Norman have changed all that with a new range that has cutting edge food preservation technology built in.

This Japanese Company already has a reputation for premium appliances in particular their refrigerators now their research and development engineers and scientists are working with universities in Japan, to significantly improve what happens inside a fridge when food is initially frozen and on the preservation of food.

Research shows that Australians throw away over $2,000 dollars’ worth of food a year due to spoiling, the new preservation and freezing technology found in a Hitachi refrigerator is aimed at cutting this down dramatically.

According to Mark Beard Marketing Manager Consumer Products at Hitachi Australia the Companies new technology is based on extensive research carried out by Universities in Japan who are working on what actually happens to food when it is exposed to the elements inside a refrigerator.

They found that ethylene gas released by vegetables can spoil their freshness. The new Hitachi platinum catalyst technology has the ability to decompose the ethylene gas and convert it into carbon dioxide gas, delaying spoilage by making vegetables dormant to preserve freshness.

Then there is Hitachi’s uniquely designed vacuum compartment built into the front of their R-WX620KA Made In Japan model refrigerator that uses a vacuum pump to extract air and reduce oxygen to suppress oxidation, thus ensuring freshness of food while retaining its nutrients.

The airtight structure of the compartment that is in the middle of the fridge confines moisture inside, helping to prevent food dehydration. Seasoning is absorbed at a faster rate to assist in speedier food preparation.

Their refrigerators also have dour components where the smell of meat and fish are broken down by the Platinum Catalyst to generate carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide dissolves in water on the surface of food items to make the surface weakly acidic, suppressing enzyme strength to minimize freshness loss.

Below the main storage areas one can use built in sensor Cooling the lower 2 shelves can be set at approx. 2°C, which is lower than the regular refrigerator temperature.
The sensor detects temperature changes and adjusts the cooling power to maintain the 2°C temperature in the right lower compartment.

An additional delicious Freezing process reduces the time food takes to be frozen. Ice crystal formation is reduced, and moisture retained.

According to Beard the longer it takes to freeze a piece of meat the bigger the crystals form inside the meat which means that when the meat is thawed there is more water and deterioration of the meat.

By building in an aluminium freezing tray user can quick freeze meat in this compartment and then place it in a separate freezer draw.

“Selling for approximately $5,350 the Japanese made product are proving popular with consumer who want to save money by cutting down on food wastage while also have a refrigerator that has cutting edge food technology built in said Beard”.

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