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Google Set To Rip Off HTC U11 Feature For New Pixel

They were once a manufacturing partner, now Google is looking to copy HTC’s “squeezable” frame for their new Pixel 2.

The big search Company who is desperately trying to get traction in the hardware market with both smartphones, voice activation and device controllers is now looking to copy the “squeezable” frame found in the new U11 which went on sale in Australia this month.

One source said, “They are set to rip off HTC’s innovation lock stock and barrel”. HTC’s Edge Sense is essentially a couple of pressure sensors placed into the left and right edges of the U11, in the lower half of the phone.

The sensors detect when you’ve squeezed the phone, and how hard you’ve squeezed it, and trigger certain actions depending on the context and how you’ve set up your phone.

With the U11 all one has to do to activate the camera is squeeze the sides of the U11’s frame, you can also set it to activate an app.

What Google has designed into the Pixel 2 is the ability to launch their Google Assistant when the device is squeezed, this in turn will launch their artificial intelligence featured on the Pixel.

XDA Developers — corroborates this rumour and claims the squeezable frame will be a way to launch Google Assistant even if the screen is off.

That would be like the Bixby button on Samsung’s Galaxy S8 or the Siri home button shortcut on the iPhone. The new device is believed to be manufactured by LG.

Users will also be able to squeeze the frame to turn off an incoming call.

HTC designers who pioneered the “squeezable” phone said that their technology could over time lead to “new designs and richer function features” “The technology allows us to remove physical buttons” said HTC Chief Designer.

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