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Heart To Heart, This New iWatch Could Be A Life-Saver

Tight space reasons meant some interesting features of Apple’s new iPhone and Apple Watch didn’t’ get as much attention in CDN’s report on the new models yesterday as we would have liked.

As we did note in yesterday’s report, the top Watches can detect irregular heart rhythms and, in the case of some models equipped with electrodes, even perform an ECG (electrocardiography) test. But there’s more.

The new Series 4 watches are capable of predicting a fall or slip – handy for some of us older chappies – by keeping an eye on your arm movements (they go out when you’re about to trip, up when you’re going to fall). 

And should you actually fall, the Series 4 Watch pauses to see if you move. If you don’t do so within a minute, it makes an emergency call with your exact location.

That sounds pretty damn useful to CDN for a particular reason. Some months back, while moving house, this writer fell backwards off an 8ft-high ladder, landing on the back of our head on a concrete garage floor, and knocking us out with a nasty four-inch open gash bleeding at the back of the scone. 

No, we didn’t move or come-to for quite some minutes – though luckily we had a daughter nearby who blessedly took charge and called the ambos pronto. Four days later we were allowed out of Emergency…

If this incident had happened when the daughter wasn’t there, it might have been a different story. So we reckon an early dive into the bank account for a Series 4 Watch could be on the cards. Pity about the price, though… 

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