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HDMI Cable War Breaks Out As Austere Get Leg Up From JBL +Harman

A HDMI cable battle is brewing as Ambertech lose AudioQuest, Monster moves to Tempo and the Audio Active brand Austere gets a leg up from Harman and JBL.

According to sources Ambertech who has spent the last 12 months shedding consumer brands is no longer distributing AudioQuest cables with some suggesting that the brand was given up rather than lost to the Sound United Group.

Currently demand for premium or high-performance HDMI cables are growing off the back of a major increase in sales of large sized Ultra High-Definition TV’s and new Dolby technology that struggles with older HDMI cables.

Yesterday Audio Active announced that Austere and Harman, are set to deliver a new service aimed at delivering better performance for JBL soundbars, the move will see the pairing of Austere home theatre cables with Harman’s various brands of audio products to ensure, what the cable brand claims is ‘The highest echelon of performance in sound”.

The big question now is whether JB Hi Fi the Good Guys and Harvey Norman who sell the popular JBL soundbars will start ranging the premium Austere cables that start at $99.

The move is seen as a major benefit for retailers as the performance of any component is amplified or limited by the cable connecting sources to audio hardware claims Austere whose cables are seen being a premium offering.

Austere products will be offered as the preferred cable solutions for Harman soundbars and subwoofers at retailers claims Harman executives.

Placing the selected Austere cables next to JBL audio products allows customers to immediately choose the ideal cable complement to JBL audio products and eliminates the guesswork and disappointment customers may have choosing other cables Austere claims.

At stores such as JB Hi Fi TVs are sold in one category while HDMI cable accessories are sold in another.

“Being partners with Harman to provide home theatre accessories to their audio solutions for home theatre is an exceptional validation for Austere. Like Austere, Harman and its brands are committed to both exceptional performance and style,” said Deena Ghazarian, Austere Founder & CEO. “While we are deploying initially with JBL products, and joint retailers, our partnership will take us far beyond.”

“JBL and Harman are committed to ensuring our customers have an exceptional home theatre audio experience, which is why this strategic partnership makes sense and why we selected Austere. The combination of our home theatre products creates flawless audio solutions that exceed expectations. They are the obvious choice for our products and our customers.” Daniel Lee, VP & GM Consumer Audio North America at JBL, Harman International.

In Australian the Austere product is distributed by Audio Active a Company whose owners founded the initial JB Hi Fi retail stores in Australia.

“Just like Harmon /JBL we see the opportunity to partner with such a premium quality brand and range of products” said Bruce Thierbach GM Audio Active.

“Our portfolio of Premium Home theatre and TV products require the right HDMI cables to make sure our customers get the full potential from our products we represent. This is quality is required in our SONY 4K home cinema projectors and Premium quality Sony TV range. Customers expect these to work perfectly along with our Partners who recommend and install our products. Bad quality cables can equate to loss time, money and performance when providing such premium AV solutions.

Austere cables are available through Audio Visual specialist retailers and beaustere.com.au.

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