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Harman Kardon Take On Sonos With Omni+ Speakers

Not content to bring the fight to UE (via their JBL youth brand), Harman Kardon are also planning to take on wireless sound heavyweights Sonos with their newly revamped Omni+ Wireless Speaker range.

Boasting a matte-black finish and a literal silver lining, the Omni+ speaker range comes capable of 24-bit audio across multi-room multi-speaker setups.

Arriving via the Omni 10+, 20+ and 50+, the range promises to deliver a premium level wireless audio experience. The main difference between the models here is size, with each offering an impressively deep listening experience.

With an oblique design, the HD speaker range is designed to slip into the background of your home while providing a wireless audio experience as seamless as can be. The wireless speakers incorporate UI features like a battery life display into the sleek control panel at the top of each unit.

Harman Australia say that this will be further rounded out by a dedicated soundbar in 2018, pushing the range from a 2.1 to a 5.1 surround sound set up.

Once setup (via Harman’s own propietary app), the Omni+ range can be used by any ChromeCast-enabled app. Harman say this will leave the speakers compatible with over 190 applications, including all the major streaming services like Spotify.

Then, once networked, they allow for “Follow Me” audio, that follows you around the house, a synchronized “party mode” or configure different music tracks for different rooms.

Essentially, the pitch here is that if you want a wireless audio experience that finds a striking balance between stylish-but-inconspicous aesthetics and great sound quality, Omni is the way to go.

The range starts at $299 with the Omni 10+ and goes up to the $749 Omni 50+.