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Watch Out Optus: New Telco Hits With Eye On Cloud

Continuum was formed through a merger between wholesale provider buroserv and VoIP provider, ISPhone, just announced today. 

It boasts a broad reach in terms of services – ISPhone provides VoIP internet calls and services including broadband, fibre, hosted PBX and cloud-based hosted applications on its own network. 

It will also run high speed ADSL+2 broadband from Telstra and Optus networks but is looking to join up with the NBN directly in the future. 

In particular it is eyeing up cloud based services, currently offered by all the main telcos including Optus, who in March signed an agreement with the internet giant Google to provide cloud solutions for SMB’s.

Continuum too are looking to get a piece of the action and sees cloud as presenting major opportunities if the $36bn NBN comes to fruition. 

“Hosted cloud service applications is where the telecommunications industry is heading towards,” Managing Director, Lakshman Mawalagedera told media. “There are huge opportunities in that space as the NBN emerges.”

The new company will be a “one-stop-shop” for new IP and more traditional fixed wire telecom solutions for business and the channel as well as wholesale services from tier one carriers, it said today.

Wholesaler buroserv provides aggregated services including fixed line (PSTN, ISDN), wireless and Ethernet services through Telstra, AAPT and BigAir. 

It will offer the channel a variety of services from different providers under a single billing platform, known as white labelling, while maintaining its own carrier-grade national IP network.

The Sydney based telco will “actively target resellers and dealers that are unhappy with the limitations and heavy-handedness of telcos” and that are looking for more flexible product mix. 

“Our offering improves the customer experience as it puts the customer at the centre of our business model where they are given the flexibility to pick and mix the offering that is right for them,” said Lakshman Mawalagedera, Managing Director Continuum .
“With the merger, CONTINUUM Communications brings together the best of Australia’s offerings – traditional and future technology – under one umbrella.”