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SanDisk’s New Range Is Thinner, Faster & Colourful


Thinner, faster, more memory and more colour is what SanDisk’s new range is all about. In addition to tangible flash storage, each SanDisk stick will come with 2GB of cloud storage, secure encryption and password protection. The range looks to complement smartphones, tablets and Ultrabooks, offering a suite of savvy options.

SanDisk’s Country Manager ANZ, George Saad, believes the range will cater to a wide range of consumer needs.

“Whether consumers are seeking super-fast transfer speeds, maximum storage capacity or a stylish fashion statement, we offer a drive to meet their needs.

“SanDisk pioneered the USB drive and now offers one of the broadest lineups in the industry, with a wide range of form factors and reliability that consumers can count on to store their important files.”

128GB in a thumb?

SanDisk’s Cruzer Glide features 128GB of memory and that’s impressive because most Ultrabooks offer that as a hard drive. Those who own Ultrabooks (or even USB enabled tablets) could easily double up their memory with this pretty little number. Backed by SanDisk’s 5 year warranty, the 128GB Cruzer Glide will cost $119.50, but the introductory 4GB model costs just $6.75.

3GB in 20 seconds

SanDisk’s Extreme USB flash drive uses USB3.0 technology and allows it to transfer files 10 times faster. Transferring a 3GB file takes just 20 seconds, while 40GB files are over in just four minutes. Files can also be written at 90MB per second.

This little number will be available in 16GB to 64GB capacities and range in price from $35 to $100.

3.78mm Thin

The Cruzer Pop is special for a couple of reasons. The first is that it is just 3.78mm thin, while the second concerns its folding form factor which helps keep its body stout. When closed, the USB connection is protected by coloured and patterned body. When available, it’ll come in 4GB to 32GB options and will cost $6.50 to $29.50 respectively.

Fashion Statement

Style conscious users will pick the Cruzer Facet due to its bright colours, textured casing and vibrant colour. It can be fixed to your keychain and is small enough that it wouldn’t intrude when in your pocket. The Cruzer Facet comes in 4 to 32GB options for $6.50 to $29.50.

The Need For Speed

Smartphones and tablets are two hot multimedia-hungry categories, and memory cards are thriving in this climate. SanDisk’s MicroSD contribution is UHS-enabled and is the ‘world’s fastest memory card for smartphones and tablets’. It’ll store 8GB/16GB worth of music, photos, videos and files which will be read at 95MB per second. Writing speeds are almost as fast at 90MB per second, which is ideal performance for those who want to capture data-heavy Full HD videos.

It’ll be available in 8GB and 16GB models for $59 and $99 respectively.