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Nike’s GPS Watch Is An Invisible Exercise Companion


I love running. There’s nothing like the pita pata of your feet against the isolated tarmac, reminding you you’re moving forward.

Unfortunately I use my smartphone to track my progress, and although a versatile companion, it interrupts this merry beat with its own music: the sound of it smacking my leg from one step to the next.

What’s the alternative? Wear a 4″ smartphone on my arm? A bum bag? Heavens no.

Nike and TomTom have an opinion on this and it’s far less intrusive. It’s a digital sportswatch that has GPS inbuilt. It synchronises with NikeFuel; its online suit of tracking software that measures performance, shares it with rivalling friends and even offers platitudes when you reach your goal.

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They’re available in a variety of colours and start from $179. For the full scoop, check out the featured YouTube video.