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New Motorola Car Phone Speaker & FM Transmitter

Connecting the new MotoRokr T505 allows users to make and receive calls hands-free, listening to their calls over the car’s stereo speakers.

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The T505 is Motorola’s first accessory of this kind, made specifically for the company’s Rokr phone and designed to cater for Rokr owners on-the-road, however it will also connect seamlessly to other-branded mobile phones as long as they are Bluetooth-compatible.

The device retails for $159.95 and is essentially a mini speaker that clips to the drivers’ seat sun visor, transmitting the user’s voice back to the mobile phone and on to the caller on the line.

In addition, if the phone being used has MP3 capability, the T505 will stream the phone’s tunes to play through the car’s speakers.

Because the unit runs on Bluetooth, it doesn’t require any installation or wiring.

“Today’s drivers demand convenience and connectivity without missing what’s important to them – their calls and their music,” said Motorola Australia Companion Products business manager, John Demezieres.

“We’re excited to introduce a portable, music-optimized ROKR to the car to enhance the mobile experience while consumers are on the road.” 

The T505 also features StationFinder – a Motorola-owned technology that announces where the best FM connection can be found on the user’s car radio.

When calls come in, the T505 automatically mutes the music and audibly announces the Caller-ID, so drivers can keep their eyes on the road.

Echo and noise reduction technology and a built-in microphone and 2-watt speaker also ensure that drivers have outstanding sound throughout their ride, says Motorola.