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Yes, We’re Fitness Freaks: 1M Fitness Bands + Watches Sold

Yes, WeBut research shows smart fitness bands are more popular than smartwatches as they are cheaper and popular as gifts. 

Fitbit is the market leader in smart bands and only 1 in 3 users pair their device with an iPhone, according to research by Telsyte. 
Samsung is the market leader in the more smartphone friendly smartwatches with its line of Galaxy Gear’s, although demand might accelerated with the arrival of the rumored Apple “iWatch”, later this year, says Telsyte analyst Foad Fadaghi. 

Smartwatch adoption is still ’embryonic’ in Oz and most users pair their devices with an Android smartphone. 

Fitness bands are more popular, says Fadaghi, however fitness features monitoring in smartwatches, especially a potential iWatch could tip the balance in favour of smartwatches.
Apple is a “market maker” in Australia and any moves into the smartwatch space is likely to increase the pie for all participants through greater awareness of such devices.

It is unlikely an iWatch will work with Android handsets, thus creating an opportunity for other smartwatch makers to jump on the bandwagon.
Google announced new Android Wear operating system for wearables last week and new watches were shown off by LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and Moto 360, which could mean Apple will be up against plenty of competition if it does enter this race.