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Google’s E-commerce Platform To Rival Amazon’s, Removes Fees

Google is continuing to make its e-commerce platform more appealing to sellers, as it ramps up its efforts to compete with Amazon.

Now, sellers who participate in the ‘Buy on Google’ checkout will no longer have to pay the tech giant a commission fee. Google is also opening its platforms to third-party providers, starting with PayPal and Spotify.

By comparison, Amazon charges $0.99 for each item sold, on top of variable closing fees which range from $0.45-1.35.

This builds upon Google’s recent moves to draw in sellers in past months. For instance, in April Google offered free item listings on its e-commerce platform and Google search.

While these latest changes will roll out in the US first, Google has stated it will be looking towards international launches later this year and next year.

“These changes are about providing all businesses—from small stores to national chains and online marketplaces—the best place to connect with customers, regardless of where a purchase eventually occurs,” Google stated.

“With more products and stores available for discovery and the option to buy directly on Google or on a retailer’s site, shoppers will have more choice across the board.”


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