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Google warns 2.65 billion Chrome users about security threat

If you’re one of the 2.65 billion Google Chrome users worldwide you might want to update your browser and make a coffee before you read on.

If you’re still here you should know that Google have used an official blog post to reveal they’ve uncovered 19 security problems in Chrome for Linux, macOS and Windows.

Oh, and five of those flaws carry a security threat they rate as “high”. So with 65 per cent of the world’s web browser market, they’re restricting information, which – like a lockdown during a pandemic – is standard practice to limit spread.

Three of these high-risk threats are “Use After Free”, or UAF. These vulnerabilities have proved a popular way to invade Chrome, being found in five other high-risk security threats this month.

UAF occurs with incorrect use of dynamic memory while operating programs. If the program doesn’t clear the pointer to memory after it’s freed, it leaves things open for hackers to get in there.

So check if your browser version is 94.0.4606.54 or above to know if you’re safe. If not, upgrade and restart.

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