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Google TV Getting Personal With Major Upgrades

Viewing recommendations on Google TV are going to be more relevant to you personally, rather than blanketing you with others in your house.

These top-level profiles will initially rollout through Chromecast with Google TV as well as smart TVs from Sony and TCL.

Your watchlists will also become more unique, while Google Assistant will be tailored more specifically to deliver more individualized results.

Of course, this will mean supplying more information about yourself by adding a full Google account to Google TV.

Ambient mode is also getting more personal, delivering more individualized information and recommendations, including news, weather and sporting scores.

As the company say, “Your TV will keep you up to date with info based on your profile. You can even scroll through on-screen shortcuts to jump into your photos or start playing your music and podcasts with just a click.”

Unfortunately, ambient mode cards will only be available in the US initially, but profiles will be available around the world.

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