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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 Can Detect COVID-19 Symptoms

Samsung has partnered with Deakin University, National Trauma Research Institute, and SaniteX Global to trial the Vital Monitoring System on Galaxy Watch4, a system that provides a safe and convenient COVID health screening solution.

 The Vital Monitor System was developed in Australia, and will be a vital aid in helping the wider nation open back up and return to work.

The Galaxy Watch4’s heart rate and SpO2 sensors will be used to measure vital symptoms and monitor blood oxygen levels, as an aid to ensuring those with COVID-19 symptoms are detected early and isolated.

The user will receive a message each morning, which asks a series of screening questions, monitoring temperature, SpO2, heart rate, COVID-19 symptoms including body aches, headaches, or a sore throat, and whether they have been in close contact with anyone who has had, or shown symptoms of having, COVID-19.

Dr Carl Luckhoff, Acting Director of Emergency at Alfred Health, was involved in developing and trialing the VMS solution.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been faced with considerable unknowns,” he explains.

Personal health data is kept confidential and is encrypted.


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