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Google Streamlines Voice Commands To Skip ‘Hey, Google’

A new Android update has inadvertently revealed a new feature called ‘Guacamole’ which will allow users to perform time-sensitive tasks without having to preface them with ‘Hey, Google’.

Android Police discovered evidence of Guacamole when updating to version of Google’s app, on devices using Android 11. This was accidentally featured in the update, although it is unable to be toggled ‘on’, as yet.

Among the streamlined commands are the ability to say ‘snooze’ or ‘stop’ to an alarm, and ‘Answer the call’ when a phone is ringing. No doubt this will be used to slowly phase out the ‘Hey Google’ for a number of commands.

Google employees are currently being used to test the feature, which is how this ‘update’ slipped through the net and became public.


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