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Google Says 2FA Halved Gmail Hacks

Last year, Google auto-enabled two-factor authentication for over 150 million users last year, a move the tech giant claims led to a 50 per cent decrease in accounts being compromised.

Google also revealed a number of new protections, including enhanced safe browsing, Google One VPN support for iOS, and location sharing with family members for Google Fi users. It will also better protect high-risk users, such as journalists and human rights workers.

“We are the first-choice for high risk users like election workers, journalists, and human rights workers,” Google explained.

“Ahead of the upcoming 2022 U.S. midterm elections, we’re expanding our efforts to protect these high risk users. We’ve teamed up with organisations across the political spectrum to establish the Campaign Security Project, providing organisations with the tools to train candidates and campaign workers on how to stay safe online.”


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