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Google Pixel Owners Have Calls Auto Rejected

Google Pixel Owners Have Calls Auto Rejected

Owners of Google’s flagship smartphone, the Pixel 6, are reporting that their phones aren’t notifying them when they receive a call, and instead directing their contacts straight to voice mail. The issue comes following the rollout of monthly updates and fixes by the US tech company, with other issues having arisen including weak haptic feedback.

There is little information confirming the issue, however both Reddit and Google’s support forums contain instances of user reports.

Pixel 6 Pro is declining calls from contacts without me knowing from GooglePixel

According to those reporting the issue, their call log acknowledges that a call had been made, but says that the user declined the call.

It’s an issue that ranges from annoying to life threatening, with users at risk of missing a vital call from a doctor or emergency service.

There is no confirmed fix for the issue, however some have claimed that carrier spam filtering was to blame, while others have said device resets are the way to go.

Android 12, the OS used by the Pixel 6, has had numerous issues on a variety of phones since it was launched late last year.

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