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The Apple Watch May Soon Monitor Blood Sugar Levels

UK health tech firm Rockley Photonics has made an SEC filing that lists Apple as its largest customer over the past two years, detailing an ongoing deal to develop future health products for the company.

Rockley’s recent focus has been on blood glucose tracking, sparking strong rumours that Apple are planning to bring diabetes prevention software to future Apple Watches.

The SEC papers read: “Under this agreement, Rockley has agreed to develop and deliver new products to this customer at its request, provided it also meets Rockley’s business purposes, and has agreed to indemnify it for intellectual property infringement or any injury or damages caused by Rockley’s products.”

Rockley also focuses on blood pressure trackers, and blood alcohol levels, meaning we may also see this technology come to the Apple Watch.

Apple’s COO Jeff Williams spoke to Forbes about blood sugar monitoring, saying: “Non-invasive sensing of the human body is incredibly challenge. You mention glucose, people have been talking about non-invasive glucose sensing for decades.

“I read every year that somebody has a non-invasive glucose sensing monitor ready. And what I’ll tell you is, it’s hard enough detect glucose when you can access the interstitial fluid, it’s way harder to do it with photons.”


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