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Google Moves Towards Getting Rid Of Passwords

Google has acknowledged what we all know: that passwords are painful, not-too-secure, and likely to be used for multiple accounts without any changes. Now, the company wants to do away with them all together.

Google announced that it is making two-step verification the default setting for all Google accounts.

Mark Risher, Director of Product Management, Identity and User Security, explained in a blog post:
“One of the best ways to protect your account from a breached or bad password is by having a second form of verification in place – another way for your account to confirm it is really you logging in. Google has been doing this for years, ensuring that your Google Account is protected by multiple layers of verification.

“Soon we’ll start automatically enrolling users in 2SV if their accounts are appropriately configured. Using their mobile device to sign in gives people a safer and more secure authentication experience than passwords alone.”

The company also touted its recently-announced Password Import, which allows third-party passwords to be saved into Password Manager, a program that does away with needed to re-enter passwords on Google devices, and in Chrome.

“One day, we hope stolen passwords will be a thing of the past, because passwords will be a thing of the past” concludes Risher, “but until then Google will continue to keep you and your passwords safe”

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