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Telstra Expands 5G Home Internet To More Areas

Telstra has today announced it is expanding its 5G Home Internet service to more of Australia, and doubling the data limit to boot.

According to a blog post written by Kim Krogh Andersen, Group Executive of Product & Technology at Telstra, its 5G network is “well on track” to reach 75 per cent of Aussies by the end of next month.

“We have enough users on the network now to get an accurate look at the performance customers can expect on 5G Home Internet,” Krogh Andersen explains.

“We have also been refining the service and network, bumping up average download speeds by 19%. Our typical evening speed, the speed which you can generally expect in peak streaming hours at night, sits at between 50Mbps – 600Mbps, and the average speed from our speed tests is at around 378Mbps.”

The included data will also be doubled, to 1000GB.

Krogh Andersen also explains Telstra have already begun deploying 5G mmWave across five capital cities and “have achieved record-breaking download speeds using this technology in testing.”

“Implementing mmWave on our 5G network will be like adding more lanes to a freeway, making it even faster while allowing more people on the network at the same time.”

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