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Google Joins Facebook To Pan ACCC Inquiry

Google has joined Facebook to pan the ACCC’s digital platforms inquiry, voicing concerns with regulation recommendations including intervention of the Android smartphone OS.

Disclosed in a blog post, Google Australia boss, Melanie Silva, claims two recommendations are of “particular concern”, with Android OS tweaks not taking into account local market conditions and laws.

The search engine giant has also questioned why Android was chosen, adding Apple iOS is the most used in Australia.

Google has taken issue with suggestions to “directly intervene” into the default Android smartphone operating system, plus parts of the proposed publisher agreement.

Ms Silva states proposed revenue sharing between digital platforms and news publishers looks over the “broader value that Google provides via referred web traffic and technology”, and existing commercial relationships.

Whilst Google has joined Facebook to pan the ACCC’s recommendations, it contrasts the social media giant’s strongly worded response of “inaccurate” analysis based on “factual errors.”

Google Australian asserts it’s eager to “engage with all interested parties, including government and industry” in coming weeks.

The ACCC’s inquiry is being heavily watched by international agencies, with many scrutinising the impact of digital tech giants on competition, privacy and news media.

The Australian government will consider responses from digital tech giants before choosing which recommendations will be actioned.

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