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Google Ink Deals With Samsung, LG, Lenovo + HTC To Boost VR Bid

Google has sunk more energy into turning around its low-to-middle tier Daydream VR experience, announcing a slew of partnerships relating to the virtual reality headset.

All the big players look to be involved – from Samsung to LG and from Lenovo to HTC.

As a result, a software update will be bringing support for Daydream to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus later in the year.

While LG won’t be retrofitting the G6 with Daydream support, they look to have committed to including it in their upcoming V30 (due in late 2017).

Meanwhile, HTC and Lenovo have both announced they’ll be working with Google to produce a number of phone-less dedicated VR headsets.

As reported by Engadget, they’ll run on Qualcomm’s 835 VR platform and WorldSense (a variation on Google’s Tango 3D mapping technology) to enable positional tracking without the need for any external sensors.

Compatibility has been the biggest barrier to Daydream’s appeal so far, and Google look to be making a major effort to address that here.

Google have also recently made a number of hires aimed at addressing the content available on the Daydreamm, acquiring Owlchemy Labs and Logan Olson.

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