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Google ‘Dork’ Cap Has A Keyboard Built In Just Don’t Move Left Or Right

Even Google are ducking for cover after a bunch of their engineers revealed a ‘Dork’ cap that is actually a keyboard that they expect people to wear, and no it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke.

The device contains a 6-axis inertial sensor that can read the hat’s positioning and then deliver information the only problem is that most people would not be seen dead in the invention, and this says a lot for how Google engineers see the real world.

In order to change the code, one wants to type, the wearer simply turns the hat to the left and right — enabling them to shift characters.

Typing in the character then requires the wearer to press down on the hat similar to the way one punches a key on the computer keyboard.

The typing action is done with an audible click that sounds just like the real thing.

The keycap hat can be connected by Bluetooth to a mobile phone or notebook.

Last year, the division’s engineers created a 165-centimeter-long keyboard in which every key was placed in the same row.

“Aiming for the top we’re always brainstorming for better text input. As I was racking my brains for a way to make keyboards more portable and fashionable, I had an aha moment. (…) That’s when we developed this wearable keyboard,” the team claimed in a video unveiling the hat.

The Board CAPS project is not an officially licensed Google product, but engineers at the company’s Japan division open-sourced it by providing assembly and usage instructions on GitHub to enable anyone to construct a similar contraption on their own.

Google is not commenting on the idea.