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Google Countersues Epic Games

The war between Epic Games and the tech giants continues, as Google launches a countersuit against Epic for breach of contract, after the game developer added its own payment system to Fortnite while it was available through the Google Play Store.

Epic Games initially launched a lawsuit against Google after the app was removed for breaching the Play Store rules.

Google’s suit notes that users who downloaded Fortnite during the brief window in which it was available through the Google Play Store, and are yet to uninstall it, can still use Fortnite’s in-app purchase system, continuing to bypass Google “contractually agreed service fee.”

“Epic willfully breached the DDA by submitting a version of Fortnite for publication on Google Play with a payment method other than Google Play Billing for purchases of in-app content,” the suit reads.

“By doing this, Epic denied Google its service fee under the DDA for any purchases made through the app outside of Google Play Billing.”

This countersuit follows the decision in the Epic Games vs Apple case, where a judge ruled the tech titan needs to allow developers to use alternative payment systems.



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