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Google Assistant And Alexa Can Give You Lonely Planet Travel Tips

Just when we thought Google Assistant and Alexa could do everything a new function comes along, this time Google and Amazon’s respective smart speakers can give you travel tips via Lonely Planet.

To use ask Google Assistant “Ok Google, let me speak to Lonely Planet” for Alexa either enable the Lonely Planet skill or ask her “Alexa, let me talk to Lonely Planet”.

There are two ways to use this function either asking it where you should go today and it will randomly pick a place, for us it was California, USA or you can ask for tips about a specific place.

Asking for the best place to be today will see users receive a location suggestion, selected by Lonely Planet’s experts for every day of the year, due to a particular event, wildlife occurrence, weather conditions or how to beat the crowds.

When you activate Lonely Planet, it guides you on how to use the voice-based travel guide.

It is available in Australia now.

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