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Google Announce Levis Smart Jacket For Oz

Google has revealed its latest collaboration with Levis announcing the brand new Jacquard-enabled smart coat, the Trucker Jacket available from Myer for $229.95.

The Levis’ Trucker Jacket in both the Classic and Sherpa Styles ($299.95) will be made available from Myer in both men and women versions, as well as select Levis’ stores and its website.

Initially demoed by Google’s ATAP team in 2015, the wearable tech uses functional fabrics and conductive yarns to incorporate device-interactability through clothing.

Originally designed for cyclists, Google has built upon Levis’ Commuter Trucker Jacket first released in 2017 with the included Jacquard Tag which wirelessly connects the Trucker jacket to your phone, allowing for commands to be sent from the clothing to your device.

The Tag tucks into the jacket’s left cuff to provide haptic and visual alerts, for example, if you forget your phone.

The interactive cuff includes touch gestures like swiping and tapping on the left cuff of the coat to issue custom commands to a paired device like play/pause or volume up and down.

You can assign a total of 19 abilities to particular gestures through the Jacquard App, which is available on both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

A Google account is required to use the Jacquard app.

Despite all the tech built into the fabric, the jacket can still be machine washed like a regular piece of clothing, though Google recommends a cold machine wash to reduce environmental impact.

According to the Verge, the jacket is reportedly similar to a regular Levi coat, except for a stiffer left cuff, which is designed to hold the Jacquard Tag.

Jacquard functionality is also available in the recently released Yves Saint Laurent backpack; however, it is only available in the US for $995.

Provided the clothing item has adopted the Jacquard platform, the Tag can be swapped between outfits to extend digital interactivity.

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