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Dodgy Online iPhone Charging Cable Allows Hackers To Take Control

Consumers buying iPhone charging cables from cheap online web sites are facing a real risk after a security researcher revealed a charging cable that looks just like a standard iPhone charging cable, but actually allows hackers to remotely take over a computer when plugged in.

Mike Grover, a security researcher, who developed the charging cable is mass-producing and selling the cable online according to Motherboard.

The publication claims the cable being sold online into the Australian market actually charge devices and transfer data, just like a standard lightning cable.

However, the so-called security expert is also claiming that a hacker can access a connected cable and run commands on a computer to control certain functions on an Apple machine.

The expert who goes by the name MG is hoping that the cable will help raise awareness of the fact that anything you plug into your computer could be malicious.

“It’s like being able to sit at the keyboard and mouse of the victim but without actually being there,” said MG at the Def Con hacking conference in an interview with Motherboard.

According to the report, MG is distributing the cable, called the O.MG cable, through Hak5, which sells hacking and cybersecurity tools. In other words, you probably won’t accidentally buy a cable that ends up allowing hackers to take control of your computer, but it’s still worth making sure that you buy a cable from a reputable source.

MG previously made a modified Apple USB-C charger that could similarly take control of a computer.

MG claims that he intends for the cable to only be used by security researchers, however, in reality, anyone could buy them.

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