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Google Addresses Pixel 5 ‘Display Gap’ Complaints

Google has addressed concerns that its new Pixel 5 smartphone has a flaw that affects the handset’s water resistance, advising the dubbed ‘display gap’ is a normal part of its design.

The news comes after many early buyers took to social media to express concern over a slight separation of the display panel from the handset’s main body.

Many consumers voiced their complaints on Google’s Pixel product online forum, posting photos of a visible space between the smartphone’s metal body and display screen.

Consumers expressed concern about the ‘display gap’ growing with wear and tear, and the potential for dust and water to permeate the device.

Google has now confirmed in a support thread that the gap is a “normal part of the design of your Pixel 5.”

The tech giant states it had a chance to investigate units from customers, combined with quality control data from its factories.

[Pixel Phone Help Forum]

Google has also affirmed that the gap has “no effect” on the water and dust resistance or functionality of the phone.

Early complaints had also been registered on third-party forums (e.g. XDA Developers) – it remains unclear how many Pixel 5 devices have the unique design element.

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