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Global Videocard Sales Up As AMD Increases GPU Market Share

New research says the sales of videocards increased for the third quarter in a row while AMD continues to eat away at Nvidia’s market dominance.

Over $3.9bn of AIBs (add-in boards) were shipped in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to Jon Peddie Research. This was a 12.2% increase quarter-to-quarter and a 33.4% increase year-to-year.

In Q4 2019, Nvidia held a 68.92% market share to AMD’s 31.08%. In the previous quarter, Nvidia had 72.92% to AMD’s 27.08%. Underlining AMD’s recent rise, the market share over the whole of last year was 81.23% to Nvidia and 18.77% to AMD.

Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research says, “This is the third consecutive quarter of increased AIB shipments. However, Q1… may show an unusual dip because of supply chain interruptions from China due to the Coronavirus epidemic.”

He added, “2020 is going to be a game-changer with Intel’s entry into the discrete GPU market and a possible fourth entry by an IP company.”

Peddie suggests that game streaming services from Google, Nvidia and others may cause some gamers to delay buying a new GPU.

The overall AIB market hit US$16.1bn last year and is forecasted to reach US$16.3bn by 2023.


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