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Global Smartphone Growth To Slow Down In 2018

A new report says smartphone growth for this year will be weak due to lower demand and less replacement purchases with Samsung leading the industry.

TrendForce estimates the global smartphone production for 2018 at around 1.5 billion units, a 2.8 per cent annual growth only, down from previously expected 5 per cent.

The sales in the first half of 2017 were weaker due to iPhone launches in the second half. Since mid Q4 last year, smartphone vendors have lowered their quarterly production due to cost pressures brought by excessive inventory.

The report says Samsung will be ahead of the industry for smartphone production this year and will be due to the A and J series. The smartphone production volume of Samsung is estimated at 300 million units in 2018, a decrease of 5 per cent year-on-year.

Apple is just behind Samsung with smartphone production for 2017, for this year its annual production volume is expected to increase by 6 per cent due to improved specifications and Apple’s expansion in the Indian market.

The Chinese smartphone market has been expanding in the last few years due to strong domestic consumption and Chinese brands looking to sell in overseas markets.

For the design and features of smartphones, the report says all vendors will be focusing on all-screen devices with dual cameras.


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