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Global Notebook Shipments To Drop Q3 & Q4

Despite a 20% growth in global notebook shipments in Q2 2019, the volume of imports is expected to sequentially decline in the remaining half of 2019, according to the latest Digitimes Research notebook tracker.

The spike seen in Q2 was primarily due to brand vendors producing additional inventory in May in anticipation of the US government imposing a 25% tariff on Chinese products due to trade tensions.

According to the report, the high volume of orders and built-up inventory during Q2, along with Intel’s CPU shortages, will negatively impact the volume of Q3 shipments.

As for Q4, Digitimes claims that “worldwide shipments will slip further sequentially” due to the weak Chinese economy, the enterprise sector’s PC replacement demand reaching an end, and because of the lack of innovation.

On the positive, the report does say that some of the larger vendors won’t be too affected by these recent developments, with both HP and Lenovo expected to see notebook shipments continue on the upward trajectory for the rest of 2019.

Dell and Apple on the other hand are expected to see demand drop even further for the rest of the year, due to the replacement trend ending in the enterprise sector, as well as Apple’s high pricing for its latest MacBook range.

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