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Samsung Launch $499 AKG ANC Headphones

Samsung-owned audio brand AKG has unveiled an update to its noise cancelling headphones as it moves to grow the brand’s presence in Australia.

The AKG N700NCM2 (A$499) active noise cancelling headphones are set to go up against the Jabra Elite 85H and Bose QuietComfort range, targeted at travellers and commuters.

The new headphones are an update to the N700NC headphones AKG unveiled at IFA last year.

The headphones weigh just under 280g, and feature aluminium band extensions and hinges a padded headband, and leatherette memory foam on the cups.

The company claims the headphones are capable of delivering 23 hours of wireless active noise cancelling via Bluetooth 4.0, or 32 hours with a 3.5mm wired connection.

The headphones charge via USB-C in around 3 hours.

While noise cancelling headphones are primarily designed to keep ambient noise out, AKG has included two modes to let outside noise in, with Ambient Aware and TalkThru functions.

Ambient Aware turns off the active noise cancelling while TalkThru amplifies speech and plays it through the headphones.

The modes are enabled through a single button on the headphone cup, but users have to select which mode they would like the button to activate through a companion smartphone app.

The app can also be used to adjust the sound profile of the headphones, set a shut-off timer, and update firmware.

Now that Samsung has acquired the AKG brand, the new headphones also include a button to summon the Korean tech giant’s Bixby virtual assistant.

The headphones fold flat for storage and come with a storage case, airplane adapter, and one button remote cable.

The headphones are currently available for pre-order through Harvey Norman and are expected to be available in stores in the coming weeks.

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