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Global Chip Shortage Impacts Valve Steam Deck

The pandemic-related chip shortage that has seen issues throughout the CE and automotive industries has chalked up yet another casualty, with Valve delaying the launch of the Steam Deck handheld gaming PC by at least two months, shifting back from December until at least February 2022.

“We’re sorry about this – we did our best to work around the global supply chain issues, but due to material shortages, components aren’t reaching our manufacturing facilities in time for us to meet our initial launch dates,” the company says.

BMW announced last week that some of their new cars won’t have touchscreens as a result of the chip shortage, and Apple say they have lost up to US$6 billion due to supply chain issues.

“Material shortages and delays meant that components weren’t making it to our manufacturing facilities on time,” say Valve.

“Missing parts along with logistical challenges means delayed Steam Decks, so we needed to push out shipping by two months to February.”

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