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Global Chip Sales Rise In Q2

Unsurprisingly, worldwide sales of semiconductors were up more than eight percent in Q2, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

Sales totalled US$133.6 billion during Q2 up 29.2 percent from a year earlier. Semiconductor sales came to US$44.5 billion in June, rising 2.1 percent on month.

Sales in the US increased 5.4 percent, while Japan saw a 2.5 percent rise, Europe 2 percent, China 1.1 percent and Asia-Pacific one percent.

Sales grew on an annual basis across all markets, with Europe reporting a 43.2 percent rise, Asia Pacific 34 percent, China 28.3 percent, the Americas 22.9 percent, and Japan 21.2 percent.

The SIA reported demand for semiconductors is projected to continue to rise substantially in the long term.

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