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Glitch Left Google Staffers Without Their Pay

Despite being one of the universe’s biggest tech companies, Google’s own payroll system suffered a glitch that saw its own staffers not paid, with the full amount of their wages instead being accidentally funnelled into their 401(k) retirement accounts.

This was the first pay day of 2022 for the company.

“Payroll is in the process of resolving recent 401(k) deduction issues impacting Jan. 7 paychecks for select employees,” Google told employees.

“If you elected a flat amount to be deducted for your 401(k) but saw a higher deduction made instead, Payroll will correct this by Monday, Jan 10. We’re incredibly sorry about this error and any impact this may have had on you.”

The company said it has “contacted every employee who has been affected by this glitch”, adding that “payroll is processing the corrected net pay and employees will be reimbursed for any incidental fees incurred.”

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