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Facebook’s Head Of PR Leaves Company After Nightmare Year

Meta’s head of communications has announced he is leaving the company, following on from what has been Facebook’s worst PR year to date.

John Pinette waited until Friday afternoon to announce the news to his employees, vacating a post he has held since 2019.

“Today will be my last day at Meta,” Mr. Pinette wrote. “I know the team will continue to thrive as you do some of the most important—and most difficult—work in Communications.”

Difficult is an understatement. Since The Wall Street Journal published ‘The Facebook Files’ articles beginning in September, the company has been dragged through multiple congressional hearings, all based on its own internal research, which shows the company knew of the harm its products were inflicting on younger users, and chose to cover these findings up.

These findings were revealed by whistleblower Frances Haugen, who claimed Mark Zuckerberg “has unilateral control over 3 billion people”, among other bombshells.


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