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GE Jumps Back Into Small Appliances After 36 Years

GE Appliances has expanded its product offerings with the addition of small appliances, 36 years after the company originally halted sales and manufacturing of the smaller household goods.

The US-based company announced it will be launching its 2020 microenterprise with 19 new products and 24 new SKUS, including coffee makers, blenders, toasters and food processors.

“GE Appliances is built on the legacy of inventing the category of countertop appliances that added convenience and innovation into the home. It’s part of our DNA, and it’s time to bring it back to be part of our business,” said Andre Zdanow, executive director of small appliances for GE Appliances.

“This new microenterprise expands on our heritage, and our deep-rooted expertise in engineering.”

GE Appliances has not been involved in the sale or production of small appliances since the company closed that arm of its business in 1984.

For the last nearly four decades, GE Appliances has been known for its big-ticket household items such as fridges, clothes dryers and washing machines.

Zdanow says the decision to re-enter the small appliances market was a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced most households to prepare and cook meals at home.

“The habits of consumers have changed dramatically over the last several months of the pandemic,” adds Zdanow.

“As people are making most of their meals at home, they have experienced everything from recipe experimentation to cooking fatigue. Our new line-up offers performance and convenience to help consumers elevate their own abilities and change up their routines. From nugget ice to coffee brewed at the perfect temperature, our range of new appliances from our trusted brands is a new opportunity to deliver restaurant-quality food and drink, while adding an extra touch of enjoyment to the home.”

The suite of small appliance products will be available at geapppliances.com and cafeappliances.com later this month and are on-sale at US retailer Best Buy.

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