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Apple Sues Recycling Partner For Illegal Device Sales

Apple has sued former recycling partner, GEEP Canada, for reselling over 100,000 devices, now seeking US$22 million in compensation for the theft and illegal sale of its products.

Reported by BBC Tech, Apple has slammed GEEP Canada for allegedly reselling 103,845 iPhones, Apple Watches and iPads, originally provided for parts stripping and recycling.

The suit was reportedly filed back in January, and comes after Apple shipped over half a million devices to the vendor between 2015 – 2017.

Apple is said to have discovered nearly 20% of provided products were still listed online during a routine audit.

Several products with no cellular service (e.g. Wi-Fi only iPads, Apple Watches) are also said to have been resold.

GEEP Canada has reportedly affirmed that the illegal conduct was implemented without its knowledge, advising involved employees had been laid-off.

The Cupertino giant states GEEP’s directors and officers should have known about the scheme.

Apple has informed media that products sent for recycling which were sold to consumers – assumedly rebuilt with counterfeit parts – pose a safety risk to consumers.

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