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Garmin Hacked In Ransomware Attack

Techcrunch reported that two sources “with direct knowledge of the incident” disclosed that a ransomware attack is behind Garmin Connect app going down. One of these sources named the ransomware WastedLocker as the culprit.

In addition to Garmin Connect, the outage has also impacted flyGarmin, an aviation service, and part of the Garmin.com website.

WastedLocker locks users’ files in infected computers, demanding a ransom in exchange for unlocking the files. According to cybersecurity firm Malwarebytes, WastedLocker does not appear to be able to steal or exfiltrate data.

On Saturday, a Garmin spokesperson stated that there was “no indication that this outage has affected your data, including activity, payment or other personal information”.

It is not clear when Garmin’s apps and sites will be running normally.

Garmin Connect app

At the moment, the Garmin.com site is still displaying the following banner: “We’re sorry. We are currently experiencing an outage that affects Garmin.com and Garmin Connect. This outage also affects our call centers, and we are currently unable to receive any calls, emails or online chats. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and apologize for this inconvenience.”

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