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Galaxy S9 Fingerprint Scanner Could Be In The Screen

With its fingerprint scanner recently criticised, a new patent application may indicate Samsung’s Galaxy S9 smartphone will embed ‘fingerprint unlock’ directly into its screen.

LetsGoDigital noticed a patent application filed with the World International Property Organization (WIPO), denoting a completely re-designed fingerprint scanner, directly integrated into the device’s screen.

While the patent was published last week, it was reportedly submitted to the WIPO in April 2017 – the original Korean patent was also filed nearly a year ago, implying that Samsung may have had enough development time to incorporate the new fingerprint scanner in its forthcoming Galaxy S9 smartphone.

The patent suggests the fingerprint scanner will incorporate a suite of other features, in addition to unlocking the phone – e.g. the ability to access a ‘secure’ photo gallery, a ‘chat app’ and online banking.

Fingerprint scanner touchpoints will expand across the entire screen display, with at least 12 pressure points.

Should the new technology not be available in time for Samsung’s Galaxy S9 launch, market commentators speculate it could be integrated into to the Galaxy Note 9.

If the Korean-based company can integrate the new fingerprint scanner into its upcoming S9 smartphone, Samsung could have a notable selling point over the iPhone X’s facial recognition unlock.

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