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Galaxy Fold 2 Leak Reveals Samsung Is Dropping The S Pen

Samsung looks set to release its next foldable smartphone – the Galaxy Fold 2 – in the second half of this year, and rumours are flying that they have decided to drop the S Pen.

According to Digital Trends, the Galaxy Fold 2 will keep the original centrefold design, but will drop the S Pen, in order to create a more streamlined, lightweight product.

It is thought that the Galaxy Fold 2 will weigh just 229 grams, which is light given the size of its display.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The South Korean website ETNews said that the screen size of the Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to span roughly 8 inches, which would make it the largest display on a Samsung smartphone. However, other sources have put the screen size closer to 7.7 inches.

ETNews also alleged that the mass production of parts for the Galaxy Fold 2 will take place over June and July of this year for an August unveiling.

It is thought that the S Pen will be reserved for the coming Note 20, which is widely expected to have S Pen capabilities.

In line with other products in the foldable Galaxy series, it is expected that the Galaxy Fold 2 will be marketed as a premium product with a high price point.

Based on previous leaks from Tom’s Guide, the Galaxy Fold 2 will have 5G capability, a Full HD+ Super AMOLED display, a 10MP selfie camera on the front, and a 64MP main camera, 12MP wide camera, a 12MP ultra-wide and a depth-vision camera on the rear.

It will most likely update the Snapdragon 855 processor that was on the first edition of the Galaxy Fold to a Snapdragon 865, which is the latest chip in this series.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

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