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New JVC TV With Sound Bar Built In

New JVC TV With Sound Bar Built In

The speakers are built around a system called XinimaSound 3D, which is said to deliver more bass and depth than you’d expect from a TV that is extremely thin.

The new JLE55SP4000 TV sound system is as good as any sound bar claims Company officials. It also comes with passive 3D TV technology

In addition to the audio features, the TV includes several smart TV features as well as the ability to download apps. Also included is a new app called SlingPlayer that lets anyone with a Slingbox or compatible media centre to watch their content on the JVC TV.

Previous to this announcement, the only way to play Slingbox onto your TV was with a separate device such as Boxee, or a WD TV.

Wi-Fi is built into the TV along with two USB ports for playing media from external drives. It also has a TV remote that includes a QWERTY keyboard on one side to make it easier to input text on screen.

The new JLE55SP4000 is the first model in JVC’s new “BlackSapphire” line of HDTVs. It is not known when the new TV, if ever, will go on sale in Australia.