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Goldgenie Launch 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite In OZ

Goldgenie Launch 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite In OZ

Got oodles of cash to spend and a love of iPhones and Gold?

If this is the case, Apple’s own golden coloured iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is unlikely to be enough, given that it’s not real gold and the fact that anyone can get one of these gold coloured versions on a relatively inexpensive phone plan from any telco. 

So, if it is real gold you want, you can get it thanks to Goldgenie, although the Company’s press release gets one thing a little wrong. 

The Company says it started gold-plating existing iPhones from “the iPhone 3 in 2007”, but that’s impossible. Either the company started gold-plating the original iPhone in 2007, or it started gold-plating the iPhone 3G in 2008, as there was never a model of the iPhone known simply as the “iPhone 3”, as there were only two iPhones with a “3” in the name – the iPhone 3G from 2008 and then the iPhone 3GS from 2009. 

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A real Gold Ringer, a phone with the golden touch. Would James Bond be thrilled, or not seen dead with one having dispatched his own GoldFinger some years back already?

All that aside, Goldgenie was founded by Laban Roomes, an award winning entrepreneur, in London in 1995, with the Company saying it has grown into “the world’s premier gold-plating and customisation brand”. 

Goldgenie says it gained “investment and support from BBC Dragons Den’s James Caan in 2007” and has grown its international presence and recognition for quality. 

The Company says it counts “blue chip corporations, such as Blackberry, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce and celebrities including Will Smith, the Beckhams and Roman Abramovich as loyal clients” due to its “pioneering presence in the luxury market and longstanding trusted reputation”. 

Because of what it says is “increased interest from the region”, the Company recently opened an office in Australia through which its luxury gifts and customisation services will be exclusively distributed. 

The Company says its “Australian partner saw Goldgenie’s IMF as a great opportunity to expand his business portfolio and provide the Australian market with unique products and services from a unique British brand.”

You can pre-order the iPhone 6 in 24K Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum Elite editions, including one with a Swarovski crystal logo from Goldgenie’s site, but with prices starting at a whopping US $3,947.94 just for the 16GB iPhone 6 and rising to $4594.94 for the 128GB iPhone 6, and higher prices still for the iPhone 6 Plus, this is one occasion where Apple’s prices almost seem cheap in comparison. 

At these prices, the 24K Gold iPhone 6 Elite may well have to be renamed the 24K Gold iPhone 6 Expensive.

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You do, however, get a “Cherry Oak Finished Box” in which to store your iPhone, but hey, you’re definitely paying for it as part of the purchase price. 

There is a way to pay a little less, however, if you already own an iPhone 6 or are buying your own. The Company offers a full customisation service and may collect your phone by courier from any address in the world, with full details on what this service costs here

Finally, the Company says it knows that “sophisticated Australian consumers will recognise the work and craftsmanship that goes into their collections and are certain to add their Midas touch to the land” and predicts that “if you begin to see more Gold around the streets of Australia, you are sure to know why!”