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Telstra has handed out a big Christmas present with Australia’s biggest telco announcing free-calls and free Wi-Fi from payphones across the country even for Optus and Vodafone customers.

Running between 24 December and 1 January, free phone calls will be available from Telstra Payphones along with free Wi-Fi at selected Telstra Air hotspots across the country.

Jana Kotatko, Customer Value Management Executive said Telstra is extending its services to include ‘some of the community’s most vulnerable, who’ll use our payphones to make a call that will matter this holiday period’.

While many would expect the payphone to be obsolete by now, according to Ms Kotatko 120,000 calls were made from Telstra payphones during last years free call Christmas period.

23,000 Telstra Air users, on the other hand, transferred a whopping 3.55 terabytes during the free Christmas period.

Major Brendan Nottle of The Salvation Army has welcomed the Telstra offer, echoing the sentiments of Ms Kotatko in supporting ‘the most vulnerable members of our community who’ll benefit most’.

‘A simple phone call could make all the difference this Christmas and help reconnect Australians doing it tough with their loved ones or long-lost family or friends’.

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