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Winnings Showroom Now Live At Chadstone Shopping Mall

Saturday is D Day for Winning Appliances new showroom at Australia’s biggest shopping mall.

Traditionally Winnings have operated standalone showrooms.

John Winning, CEO of Winning Group, will offer an ‘unrivalled customer experience.’ He recently told ChannelNews that the future was all about ‘experience shopping and good service.’

‘We share a passion for innovating the shopping experience and setting the bar nationally,’ Winning said.

‘Our continued investment into the Victorian market… symbolises our passion to provide Victorians with unrivalled customer experience and the world’s best and exclusive brands.

Recently Winnings opened a standalone showroom in Richmond Victoria.

Winning claims the new showroom will deliver a sanctuary-like feel to shoppers – ‘just as a home should.’

‘Australian consumers are some of the most discerning shoppers in the world and Victorians have a great eye for design and innovation, so we know they will appreciate the quality and sensory experience of the Chadstone showroom,’ Mr Winning said.

The new Chadstone showroom will feature:

  • Exclusive and premium appliance offerings and  displays
  • Three lifestyle kitchens, featuring some of the world’s leading appliance brands
  • A unique home design, refined to inspire consumers to improve their own homes

Winning says the design will ‘allow customers to imagine what the appliances will look like in their dream kitchen, in different styles, rather than just the products themselves.’

‘As Australia’s leading kitchen and laundry appliance specialist, we aim to inspire Victorians and help them to create their dream kitchens, which suits the way they like to cook, entertain and live in their homes.’

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