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Foxtel Publicity Director Departs Amid “Difficult Changes”

Foxtel has announced its long-standing Group Director of Publicity and Talent Relations Jamie Campbell will depart at the end of this week, following “difficult changes” in recent months.

Chief Communications Officer, Paul Edwards, affirms the changes are “hard”, with other valued personnel affected by internal shifts.

Edwards states changes are driven by a decision to bring together like-functions across the Group, supporting Foxtel, Kayo and Binge brands to become a more efficient, lower-cost company.

Campbell has been recognised for achievements with breakout hits such as Gogglebox, The Real Housewives of Melbourne, Wentworth, and many others, including major sports campaigns and landmark company events.

He has been praised for his professionalism and warmth by colleagues.

“We are fortunate that we have a very strong publicity team supporting the marketing of our content,” reads a statement by Mr Edwards.

“They will continue to be there for media and to support talent.”

Foxtel publicists will include Brooke Cashell, Helen Johnson, Victoria Richards and others, plus Liz Hunter who manages the Foxtel magazine.

Asha Burns, publicity lead at Kayo and Binge is also set to join the Group team.

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