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Noise Cancellation For Google Meet Coming To Phones

Noise cancellation for the Google Meet video conferencing platform is set to roll-out to Android and iOS soon – initially exclusive to G Suite Enterprise or G Suite Enterprise for Education customers. It comes after Google launched the feature for web users in June.

The technical feature has reported impressive results (demo below at 1:50) and is designed to minimise background call noise such as a clicking keyboard or barking pets for Meet calls.

According to Google’s G Suite Updates blog, noise cancellation is off by default on mobile phones, but can be triggered in settings.

Further information on how to set-up is available via Google’s website here, with the feature rolling-out from today.

The news comes as video conferencing demands further boom during the coronavirus pandemic, with Google seeking to snare market share away from Zoom.

Tech companies such as Twitter and Atlassian have have already expanded the terms of their remote working policy, with commentators expecting sustained preference for virtual meetings well after the COVID19 crisis.

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