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Fortnite Ruling Demands Apple Must Play Fair With Payment

Apple have had their wrists slapped in a California court, being told by a US federal judge, that, from December 9, they have to allow app developers to direct users towards alternative payment systems.

Developers like Fortnite’s Epic Games and Tinder owner Match Group are the winners here, as with the way things currently stand, they aren’t allowed to tell consumers about alternatives to Apple Pay, which takes a commission of 30 per cent.

The new ruling insists Apple allows developers to use in-app links, buttons and messages to let users know other ways to pay, which Apple have previously staunchly banned.

The California judge in the case, Gonzalez Rogers, points out that Apple “is engaging in anti-competitive conduct under California’s competition laws” by limiting payment options.

Still, she ruled in favor of Apple on nine out of 10 counts, saying Epic breached its contract with Apple when it let Fortnite users pay them directly.

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