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Internet Australia Boss Fights Back

It appears that executives at Internet Australia are seriously at loggerheads with each other.

Following a Computer Daily News story that appeared on this site,Laurie Paton now claims that information about him and Ann Hurley are wrong.

In correspondence to ChannelNews they claim the following.

2. Statements attributed to Bevan Slattery are not in accord with his subsequent communications with Internet Australia and were based on unreliable information passed on to Mr Slattery that has since been refuted.

3. My decision not to stand for reflection had nothing to do with comments by Michael Malone or anyone else for that matter. The board of Internet Australia was informed of my decision and the decision of former chair, now secretary George Fong to stand down at a meeting several weeks ago.

4. When I joined IA the official policy was solidly in favour of a return to a full-fibre NBN. Approximately two years ago we began calling for the adoption of FTTdp. At that time neither the Government nor the Opposition had embraced this new technology option. Fast forward to today and NBN Co has begun moving to FTTdp, although more by stealth than as an admission that FTTN is not working out as they had expected. The ALP is likewise showing signs of a move in the same direction.

5. Until earlier this year when Anne Hurley took over as chair, every move made by me as CEO in publicly advocating IA’s NBN policy was approved by an enthusiastic and highly supportive George Fong. Whatever has been the board’s official policy from time to time has been what I have argued. The same is the case with Anne now. As she has frequently stated, Anne joined the IA board because she supported our efforts in advocating for a better NBN solution.